Customer Story Industry and Production

Creating a positive company culture

Narrowcasting enhances 'team feeling' by optimizing internal communication.

Difference between credits and subscrip…

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Some of the Opensignage content is for free. Other content can be paid for with credits or a subscription.

How do I create a playlist?

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Watch this video to learn how to create a playlist and how to display this playlist on your digital signage screen.

But which Subscription is going to suit…

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A subscription allows you unlimited use of all mediafiles covered by the subscription.

How do I use Apps and Widgets?

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First you add your information to an app. Next you'll need a system widget to display this information.

How to use Opensignage for free?

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Some of the content in the Opensignage media library is for free. Watch this video to find it out!

Login via SSO

At Opensignage you can log in via Single Sign On

Login via Microsoft, Google or Amazon

Waiting time experience

Turn waiting into something fun!

Roadmap to creating a positive waiting time experience through digital signage

Saying goodbye to Powerpoint?

Powerpoint versus digital signage

Why it's better to choose digital signage if you want to save time

Customer story ice cream store

Digital signage increases fun experience

Digital signage screens from Opensignage increase shopping experience at ice cream store