Become a dealer or reseller of Opensignage

Why is Opensignage suitable for dealers and resellers?

Optimal service for your customers!

With Opensignage digital signage you have a ready-made product without having to invest in software development and maintenance. Opensignage is offered as a modular system. This allows you to put together your own complete solution and offer it to your customers. Use your own equipment or buy it at an attractive volume discount via Opensignage.

Using the unique management environment, you can add customer accounts yourself and provide support. If desired, you can also manage the digital signage broadcasts for your clients. Another great service!

Create your own
screen network

Expansion of customer portfolio and
extra service to your customers

earning model

Sell digital signage from Opensignage
to your own customers

Responding to your
customers needs

You know your customers well and
understand what they are looking for


No investment in software development
and maintenance required


Compose your own
complete digital signage solution

management environment

Manage your customers accounts easily
and provide support

YES, I would like to become an Opensignage dealer!

Excited about becoming a dealer or reseller of Opensignage?
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