With Opensignage you decide exactly what you want to spend

What does digital signage cost?

Opensignage offers affordable digital signage: you decide how much you want to spend!

Digital signage doesn't have to break the bank, in some cases it’s completely free! The price of your digital signage depends entirely upon what you want to broadcast. A simple broadcast with your own text messages is completely free. If you’d like to make your broadcast bigger, brighter and fancier, well alright! There’s plenty more content to access via credits or a subscription!

You’ll need a player and a display for digital signage. You can either use your own player, or purchase a fully dedicated digital signage player from our Web Shop. If you’re in need of technical support from our helpdesk, that’s fully accessible through a support subscription. You know your own needs better than anyone, so the choice is entirely yours!

Possibilities of Opensignage

You can use Opensignage for free. For additional content you pay either with credits or via a subscription.

Free digital signage

  • Extensive selection of backgrounds
  • Free use of selected images
  • Broadcast in your company colors
  • Display of date and time
  • Create your text messages
  • News via RSS feed

Pay with credits

  • Pay per play
  • All content available
  • Perfect for a 'low user'
  • Credits are debited per player
  • Bundles of 1,000 - 5,000 or 10,000 credits
  • Buy new credits in the Web Shop


  • Unlimited digital signage for a fixed price
  • Subscriptions are per player
  • Choose between 1 month, 1 or 3 year
  • The longer the duration, the cheaper the cost
  • Starting from €16,- excl VAT per month
  • Optional: additional support subscription
  • Optional: advanced content

Subscriptions of Opensignage

Opensignage offers monthly, 1-year or 3-year subscriptions.


CMS Subscription

Monthly subscription
  • Your (company) logo
  • Upload your own images & videos
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Display websites or webpages
  • Support (helpdesk) by email
  • Monthly cancellation

CMS Subscription

  • Your (company) logo
  • Upload your own images & videos
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Display websites or webpages
  • Support (helpdesk) by email
  • Annual cancellation

CMS Subscription

3 years
  • Your (company) logo
  • Upload your own images & videos
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Display websites or webpages
  • Support (helpdesk) by email
  • After 3 years: annual cancellation

Additional subscriptions

Get even more out of Opensignage with the following additional subscriptions

Basic Content Subscription

In combination with CMS subscription
  • News widgets (latest news, weather, etc.)
  • Videos, animations, bumpers
  • Create photo albums
  • Staff introduction & birthdays
  • Presence & actual waitingtimes
  • Wayfinding
  • Price lists and product overview
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Display calls & queue numbers
  • Google Calendar & Microsoft 365 calendar
  • Others, like crypto currencies, content for kids, etc.

Advanced Content

In combination with CMS subscription
  • PowerBI data visualizations
  • Slideshow presentations
  • Advertisements (with planning and statistics)
  • Schedules (.xlr or .csv)
  • Streams
  • Various pharmacy & physiotherapy content

Support Subscription

In combimation with CMS subscription
  • Support (helpdesk) by phone
  • Support on technical issues
  • Support on Opensignage hardware (players & screens)

How do credits and subscriptions work?

Pay according to use or choose a fixed amount per month

Some of the Opensignage media files are free. There’s also other content you can pay for via credits or a subscription. In the Opensignage media library, you can see how many credits a media file costs. Create an account and receive a 5,000 credit gift to try Opensignage right now!

Credits can be purchased as a bundle. Each time a media file is played on your digital signage display, credits will be debited from your credit balance. Ran out out of credits? No worries! You can always buy more credits in the Web Shop, or take out a subscription.

A subscription allows you unlimited use of all the media files covered by your subscription. If you use content that is not covered by your subscription, credits will be debited from your credit balance. Subscriptions are taken out on a per player basis, and will be automatically renewed for you. 

More information about credits and subscriptions can be found in the frequently asked questions.

4 easy steps to start with Opensignage

Create an account Create your account and you'll receive 5,000 free credits instantly.

Install software Download our free software on your own device, or buy a player.

Connect the player Simply connect the player to a display and link the player to the Internet.

Start narrowcasting! Creating your playlists is easy and user-friendly in the online CMS.