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Queue management system

Optimal queue management via sequence numbers

Optimal queue management via queue management system of Opensignage

Through Opensignage's digital queue management system, the queue is always optimally managed. It is possible to sort the queue by adding various services. It’s also possible to prioritize certain services so that your most important calls reach you faster.

Wherever people have to wait, a queue management system can help to increase efficiency and flow. Think of stores, pharmacies, banks, health centres, hospitals, etc. The Opensignage queue management system comes equipped with extensive statistics, to allow you to work even more efficiently and better manage your staff.

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Digital doorsigns

Effective wayfinding and room reservation

Effective wayfinding with digital doorsigns of Opensignage

You can combine regular digital signage screens with digital door signs for more effective wayfinding and room signage. Highly practical 10-inch touchscreens are used as digital door signs and display invaluable information about the availability of locations or rooms. Both regular screens and digital door signs are incredibly easy to manage in Opensignage’s online CMS. 

Digital door signs are ideal for use in environments with several rooms. Think of healthcare organizations, educational institutions, office buildings, conference or training centres and public buildings.

We offer various 10-inch screens: go to our Web Shop for more information.

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