Buy a fully prepared digital signage player and start narrowcasting!

Why choose an Opensignage player?

Fully prepared and optimized digital signage players are ready to go

At Opensignage you either can use your own digital signage player or purchase one from the Opensignage Web Shop. Opensignage players are robust, safe & reliable and work according to the plug & play principle: this means that the players already come equipped with all the necessary software, and are fully optimized for digital signage.
They work immediately, so once it’s plugged in, you’re ready to start narrowcasting!

New generation players

Fast, compact, equipped with the latest operating system.

Connect via HDMI

Suitable for virtually all displays.

Plug & Play

Easy to connect to virtually any network.

Minimal data traffic

Via Smart Sync only new and changed content is downloaded.


Remote monitoring and technical support.


All players come with a 2-year carry-in warranty.

Player types

Choose the Opensignage player that suits you best!


Great player to start off with Opensignage.

This player is suitable for displaying simple playlists with short videos and (text) messages.


A better player with a higher storage capacity.

This player is suitable for displaying extensive playlists including videos and images.

This is our most popular player!


The most powerful player for powerusers.

This player is suitable for really intensive playlists.
The real deal!

Technical specifications

All technical specifications of the Opensignage digital signage players

Operating system Windows 10 LTSB Windows 10 LTSB Windows 10 LTSB
Resolution Full-HD (1080p) Full-HD (1080p) Ultra-HD (4K)
HDMI/DisplayPort 1x HDMI/1x Display 2x HDMI/1x Display 1x HDMI/2x Display
Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
WiFi Optional Yes Yes
Storage capacity 32GB SSD 64GB SSD 128 GB SSD
Remote support Yes Yes Yes
Auto boot Yes Yes Yes
Touchscreen support Yes Yes Yes
Display control RS232 2x RS232 Optional
Cooling Passive Passive Active
Power consumption 15W (max.) 15W (max.) 65W (max.)
Price 299 499 999

Which player do I need for digital signage?

What do you want to display?

Which player is right for you depends entirely on what you want to broadcast on your digital display.

If you want to create a simple playlist with text messages, some photos and short videos then a GOOD Player will do just fine. If you require an extensive playlist with multiple videos, combined with images and text messages, then you should consider the BETTER Player.
If you’re planning to create an advanced and very intensive playlist, we recommend the BEST Player.

Do you have more questions about players? Check out the frequently asked questions or contact our sales department.

Opensignage software

Would you rather use your own device?
Download the free digital signage software from Opensignage
Opensignage makes digital signage easy for everyone!

4 easy steps to start with Opensignage

Create an account Create your account and you'll receive 5,000 free credits instantly.

Install software Download our free software on your own device, or buy a player.

Connect the player Simply connect the player to a display and link the player to the Internet.

Start narrowcasting! Creating your playlists is easy and user-friendly in the online CMS.

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