Opensignage suits many industries: get inspired by digital signage examples

Restaurants and leisure

Increases a feeling of hospitality.

Your establishment’s menus and specials, your latest Facebook posts and details of any promotions can all be a part of your digital signage broadcast. Why not let your guests know the weather forecast in advance, and what special activities are happening  this weekend?

Also in the gym digital signage can help to increase sales of fitness supplements, soft drinks and juices.

Opensignage for restaurants and leisure
Opensignage for manufacturing and production

Manufacturing and production

Motivate your employees and increase production

Opensignage helps to accurately inform your employees, and keep them motivated. For example, create a myriad of fun digital signage narrowcasts in the canteen or break room. Also show statistics and graphs of your production process to visually show your staff how well they’re doing.

Museums and theaters

Optimize your visitor information

Welcome your visitors in with helpful and easy to access information, about guided tours, audio tours, exhibitions and even a map to find their way to the café afterwards! Point them in the right direction via displays. Show teasers of upcoming events, special events and seating plans.

Opensignage for museums and theaters
Opensignage for school and university


Keep your pupils and students informed

Use Opensignage to always keep your pupils or students informed. Make important announcements about timetable changes or display any important rule changes at school or university. You can also display your institution’s latest social media posts from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – and advertise today’s lunch menu at school, or tonight’s beer specials in the Student Union Bar!

Retail stores and shopping malls

More satisfied customers lead to increased sales

Increase customer satisfaction by informing and inspiring your customers. Boost your sales by showing promotional videos and special offers. Ease waiting time at your tills or information desk, and display wayfinding signs and floor plans around your store.

Opensignage for retail stores and shopping malls
Opensignage at financial or business offices

Business and financial services

Improved corporate communications

Welcome your guests or visitors with a personalised corporate video or welcome message. Motivate your staff using Power Bi data visualizations and keep everyone up to speed with internal announcements. Guide people via the digital signage displays or display a Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 calendar with your company’s meetings and activities schedule.

Internal communication

More involved employees

Why not use digital signage as an additional communication channel for your employees? Keep your teams informed about the latest house rules and regulations. Show the latest sales figures with graphs and visuals, and share company news and customer case info, so your employees always know exactly they are working on, and what their next move should be.

Opensignage helps to improve internal communication
Opensignage for healthcare and hospital


More relaxed patients

With digital signage you can inform your patients by displaying useful messages and health-related information. Opensignage also has practical apps that allow you to introduce your team, show their attendance and, of course, indicate the current waiting time.

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