Partner Section: Producers

A great way to earn some money on collateral material

Opensignage offers an open Media Library with royalty-free media that our users can use to fill their playlist. In the Media Library you will find a growing selection of stock video footage, sequences, images and backgrounds. This content can be scheduled in all kinds of playlists and can be used by a variety of branches, companies and organisations.

We are keen to offer as wide a collection of clips as possible for which there will be demand. That’s why we reach out to connect with creative people and stimulate them to make beautiful, interesting, actual and professional content for our Media Library.

So a part of our Media Library will be stocked with producer content. Users can use this content by paying the assigned amout of credits. This amount is determined by the producer himself or herself and will be used as a means of pay.

What can we offer producers?

We offer producers an easy and attractive fixed-price system and free registration to Opensignage.

You are free to display different kinds of content, like video’s, animations, compilations of images and dynamic footage, in the Media Library of Opensignage.

You can use the existing categories as a guideline for this. There is no interest in private holiday or home videos. Your footage should be professionally shot and excellently produced.

Subscribe as a producer

Interested to become partner of Opensignage? Here’s how to join:

  • Register now free of charge to offer media content
  • Upload your media in the Media Library
  • Keyword and categorise your files
  • Opensignage will check your clips from a technical and quality perspective
  • After approval by Opensignage your clips appear in the content library and can be scheduled by our users
  • You can check your credit income at any time in your profile.
  • You can withdraw money from the views/display of your clips once your credit account balance reaches € 50.

You can learn more about our Terms and conditions, Privacy statement, Terms of use and Data processing agreement.

Technical specifications for video footage and clips


Opensignage offers free digital signage software and an extensive, rapidly growing media library with royalty free stock footage, stock clips, stock video, animations, modules, apps and widgets with which you can create and maintain your own playlist, broadcast, TV Channel, displays, screen network by a webbased Content Management System (CMS) in the cloud.



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