Free Opensignage Player Software

Multi-Platform free digital signage software, open digital signage software can be installed on most operating systems. Experience our software by downloading the Opensignage Digital Signage software without any costs!

Download free Opensignage Narrowcasting software:


Windows Client

Free Narrowcastingsoftware for Windows players


Android Client

Free Narrowcastingsoftware for Android players


Linux client

Narrowcasting voor Linux, free to download soon!

Getting started in 4 easy steps!

  1. Create a free account for the Opensignage Content Management Systeem (CMS)
  2. Install the free Narrowcastingplayer software on your own device or buy an Opensignage player in the shop.
  3. Login at the Opensignage CMS and activate your Narrowcasting player in your account
  4. Create your own Narrowcasting playlist and plan your Narrowcasting broadcast on your Narrowcasting player

You are now live! Your Narrowcasting player will automatically display your playlist. Watch your own Narrowcasting broadcast on your network of screens. See how easy to use Opensignage is yourself!

Opensignage Facts and Features

We created Opensignage to be user-friendly, quick and easy to use, versatile for different branches and stimulating for users to make a great broadcast for digital signage.

Quick installation

Opensignage has a quick and easy installation.

Time and location independant

Access the Opensignage CMS system from any location and any place using a device with an internet connection. Just log in using our website and manage your playlists.

Free support and updates

Always access to our extensive manuals, email support, updates and upgrades.

Unlimited displays

No limit to the duration of your broadcasts or playlists.

Clear design and definitions

Clean and no-nonsense view of your players, media content, playlists and broadcasts.

Clear design and definitions

Opensignage is easy to understand: Upload media, create a playlist and make your broadcast.

Getting Started!

Create a free account at Opensignage and start narrowcasting your message


Opensignage offers free digital signage software and an extensive, rapidly growing media library with royalty free stock footage, stock clips, stock video, animations, modules, apps and widgets with which you can create and maintain your own playlist, broadcast, TV Channel, displays, screen network by a webbased Content Management System (CMS) in the cloud.


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