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What is Opensignage?

Opensignage is a professional Digital Signage software solution for controlling display networks and allows you to deliver rich media to a targeted audience using information screens.
Opensignage offers Advanced Digital Signage Mediaplayers and free Digital Signage Software for managing your screen network.
Opensignage can be used for displaying information targeted at a narrow audience to create a more engaged audience

How it works?

With Opensignage you are the producer of your own Micro TV channel. Opensignage offers a user-friendly webbased Content Management Systeem (CMS) to create and style your own playlists from any browser with an internet connection.

With Opensignage you can easily customise your messages with your personal or corporate branding, style and content to communicate with a targeted audience. Inform customers, patients, members or employees with valued information at the right time!

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Professional Digital Signage solutions for your branche

Opensignage digital signage software is being used globally in a wide range of branches and sectors to deliver rich media to a targeted audience through display networks. Preview some examples:

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Easily manage your Micro TV channel online with the webbased Content Management Systeem. The intuïtive and user-friendly interface of the Opensignage CMS is continuously optimised.

What our customers say

In recent years Opensignage has proven itself in many companies in various sectors

"With your system I'm able to create a television broadcast, with other systems just a powerpoint presentation."

"Finaly a intuitive and user-freindly managment system. I switched directly from supplier."

"What a beautiful and clear design. I'm eager to get started with your Content Managment System."

"My compliments; So many different ways to create professional broadcasts."


Opensignage offers free digital signage software and an extensive, rapidly growing media library with royalty free stock footage, stock clips, stock video, animations, modules, apps and widgets with which you can create and maintain your own playlist, broadcast, TV Channel, displays, screen network by a webbased Content Management System (CMS) in the cloud.



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